Hi! My name is Marit, from Estonia. I don’t even know, how much of you knows about Estonia and where it located in Europe. But this small country are full of hard workers and lovable people, who’s wants to be accepted by others, as we all wish.

I’ve been stuttering all of my life. But I don’t remember  I would have been stuttering when I was in the first till third grade. I remember,I was reading nicley without any stuttering. In that time, I was performing a long text in scene in  front of the whole school. But in the fourth grade something changed. My classmates was bulling me a lot because of the stuttering issue. It lasted about six years of my life till end of the ninth grade. It’s affected my a lot.

I’m mosty sure that I will stay stuttering the rest of my life.  Sure I would rather want to speak without it to be a better talker and feel free to communicate. But I can be this along with my stutter. At now I am conscious of myself and finally understand that, stuttering is a part of me and I can’t hide it (let this be a disability or not). Only thing what I can to is studdy, how to speak calmy and better through the different speak technic, thereby improves aslo my communication with others. Accpeting youself as you are, its a big jump. Because limits are only IN YOUR MIND.

Here I share my journey with the people who stutter – in our better and worse days. To help you, who needs  push , simply a word or only a smile to stand up, when nothing els even matters…. I know how It feels.

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