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My name is Tom, I’m 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have been stuttering since I was 4 years old. My stuttering has always played a significant role in my life. I couldn’t deal with it properly for a very
long time. Things have changed since October 2017, when I attended a weekend with the Dutch Stutter Association (Demosthenes). I have met multiple p.w.s., as individuals and in larger groups during my many years of therapy, but the weekend has been the first time I was with a larger group consisting of p.w.s. where the focus wasn’t on improving your speech. It felt liberating since it was the first time I dared to actually stutter instead of trying to hide it. Since then I’m trying to be more involved with the stuttering community by writing pieces for the association and attending every event they are organizing. In July 2018 I took my next big step by attending an international Youth Exchange for p.w.s. in Italy. During this week, I met a lot of very nice people. Because of having to speak English, speaking still felt a bit uncomfortable since it went slowly – but again I dared to speak and stutter more and I noticed that at the end of the week my speech went significantly better, more calmly with less thoughts and stress. In September 2018 I went to a conference hosted by the English Stammering Association, together with a group from the Netherlands and the UK. We had a great time together, enjoying the great variety of workshops, lunches and dinners that were part of the conference; which again had a positive effect on my speech.

I would recommend any person with a stammer to seek contact with fellow p.w.s. and to attend conferences, and events hosted by your national association or associations abroad. I feel like it really has helped me and will continue to bring me much more in the future.

About me
I’m a Mechanical Engineering graduate (Bachelors) and I’m about to start looking for my first job. I like to keep myself busy by making animations with parametric 3D models, editing videos, reading books, go for a run once every few days, do long distance bike rides, and play a game on my PlayStation.

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