ISAD and Stamily

Stamily is all around the world. To show this we collected some highlights at and around ISAD (22-10-2019) from our StamilyTeam members.


Video by Shuhei


Interview with Elias


Video by the Finnish Stuttering Association

Video by Juuso with the theme ‘growth through speaking’.

Video by Leo with the theme ‘growth through speaking’.


Click here for the podcast by Natalie and other STAMMA members.


Showing photos of how people who stutter look like when they do on a photo. Click here.
Paper written by Anita for ISAD. Click here.

The Netherlands

Stamily in the newspapers:
Marc in ‘Reformatorisch Dagblad’. Click here.
Jurjen in ‘Het Parool’. Click here.

Video by Jurjen with the theme ‘growth through speaking’.

Two papers were written by Sybren. Click here and here.

Willemijn who made cartoons during the days before ISAD. Click here.

Willemijn also made this video for ISAD:


Daniele made these nice tips for every pws in a Cartoon style.


Vinnie showed how stuttering is displayed in movies. Click here.


And of course our own video.

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