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Therese’s experience

Written by Therese For many years I have had and still have, a hard time accepting my function-variation (I prefer that word over disability/handicap) and I still get feelings of shame for something I can’t help. I have avoided certain situations, people and places in almost my entire life because of fear of other people’s […]

Diversity of natural communication

Written by Jurjen Hello again everybody, I wrote already something short that came up in my mind after the camp, but I wanted to share a bit more because I sometimes need some extra time to process my experiences into explainable thoughts. It was my second time at the camp and this year I was […]

Konsta’s experience

Written by Konsta I started stuttering around the age of 2. I’m now turning 21. The first time I heard about the Finnish Stuttering Association was a bit over 6 months ago, when my speech therapist told me about it. Tells you a bit about the awareness of stuttering and the things regarding it, even […]

From loneliness to Stamily

This was my first youth exchange. I’ve heard about this camp when I was in speech therapy and my therapist mentioned about it. I was curious and excited that I told my father about it, to which he said you don’t need those types of things, they aren’t necessary. My father isn’t a mean man, […]

People who stutter are not awesome

Written by Rik Okay, there is a statement for you right there. Let me try explain what I mean by this. Last week during the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Lemele, The Netherlands, one of the workshops we did was on stereotypes about stuttering. The stereotypes that society has and that People Who Stutter (PWS) themselves […]

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