Help to spread stammering awareness in Ghana

Written by Elias Click here to help spread stammering awareness in Ghana The Ghana Stammering Association (GSA)was established in 2013 to meet the needs of people who stammer (pws) in Ghana. Since its inception, the GSA has increased awareness of stammering through its activities in Ghana and given hope to many people whose lives have […]

Influential pws: Han Fei

Written by Jurjen We all know famous people who stutter or who have stuttered, but not many people know Chinese philosopher and statesman Han Fei (éź“éťž), who stuttered as well. He lived around 280 – 233 BC. Han Fei played an important role in popularizing and representing Chinese Legalism, by writing his book The Master […]

Don’t let them bring you down

Written by Luca Torelli One of my earliest memories related to education is clearly collocated in eighth grade when, while discussing which kind of college we would like to sign up to, my teacher said that no, I shouldn’t think about enrolling in a linguistic high school, but rather in an easier one, like the […]

ISAD and Stamily

Stamily is all around the world. To show this we collected some highlights at and around ISAD (22-10-2019) from our StamilyTeam members. Japan Video by Shuhei Ghana Interview with Elias Finland Video by the Finnish Stuttering Association Video by Juuso with the theme ‘growth through speaking’. Video by Leo with the theme ‘growth through speaking’. […]

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