Ciao! Nice to see you guys here! My name is Shuhei IKEDA from Japan. I currently study agriculture in Italy as a Double Degree student: a similar program with Erasmus+. Sometimes I ask myself “Why I did not choose stutter/stammer as my research topic to deal with my crucial problem?”, but…let it go. ahaha I […]


My name is Rik Mets, 25 years old and a professional stutterer, which I have been doing for most of my life. Besides that, I have a background in history and education, have worked as a history teacher and am currently working at an high school as assistant and coach. For me it is important […]


Hello readers! Glad you’ve found us! My name is Juuso. I am 23-year-old student from Northern Finland. I started my bachelors studies this autumn. My major is finnish language and minor lecture. I’m proud to tell you, my goal is to become a finnish language and lecture teacher. I want to give everyone of you […]


Hello! My name is Natalie and live in a small town called Loughborough in the East Midlands, England. I work in further education, as a teaching and assessment officer delivering apprenticeships to individuals 18+ in their workplaces. I use this as a platform to spread awareness of stammering and the diversity we bring to a […]