From loneliness to Stamily

This was my first youth exchange. I’ve heard about this camp when I was in speech therapy and my therapist mentioned about it. I was curious and excited that I told my father about it, to which he said you don’t need those types of things, they aren’t necessary. My father isn’t a mean man, […]

People who stutter are not awesome

Written by Rik Okay, there is a statement for you right there. Let me try explain what I mean by this. Last week during the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Lemele, The Netherlands, one of the workshops we did was on stereotypes about stuttering. The stereotypes that society has and that People Who Stutter (PWS) themselves […]

A week of finally feeling normal

Written by Willemijn A year ago I went to my first Erasmus+ exchange for people who stutter. It was an eyeopening experience. For the first time, I felt what it was like to be completely free from stuttering. And I didn’t even have to be fluent to experience that! The only thing I needed was […]

My third Youth Exchange

Written by Juuso Another week for young people who stutter is behind us. And it truly exceeded my expectations. This was my third year in a row, this time attending as a facilitator. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? We had three facilitators in this years camp. Me being the first one. Raul, one of the most […]

Stuttering from a non-PWS’s perspective

Written by Karlan I had the honor of volunteering at this year’s youth exchange in Lemele. I knew the organizer, Sybren Bouwsma, from another, not stuttering related, exchange this year. When I heard that he was organizing an exchange in my own home country, I really wanted to get involved. Given that I do not […]

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