Event Reviews

ISAD and Stamily

Stamily is all around the world. To show this we collected some highlights at and around ISAD (22-10-2019) from our StamilyTeam members. Japan Video by Shuhei Ghana Interview with Elias Finland Video by the Finnish Stuttering Association Video by Juuso with the theme ‘growth through speaking’. Video by Leo with the theme ‘growth through speaking’. […]

The ISAD Online Conference starts today

From October 1 until October 22, the International Stuttering Association will host the yearly ISAD conference in celebration of the International Stuttering Awareness Day. On their website, you can interact with PWS or speech professionals, read and discuss a multitude of papers and read up on the different initiatives happening around the globe in celebration […]

World Congress 2019 Through Anita’s eyes

It’s a beautiful day when I arrive at Keflavik airport, Iceland. 22C, a highly unusual temperature, making the trip from Keflavik to HveragerĂ°i (it took many of us a week to pronounce it correctly, so Gerrigerri sounded good enough) even more amazing, watching the beautiful, shifting nature, covered by purple lupin flowers. The surrounding restaurants […]

Erasmus+ 2018, Italy

Written by Natalie Disclaimer: This article is long. Very long. But if you are a young PWS and interested in going to a youth exchange trip, this is definitely worth a read.  The 30th of June 2018, I get up on a beautiful English summer morning (This is rare), it’s a Saturday. I’ve already packed my bags, […]

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