Stamily’s philosophy

Stamily is a diverse and independent community, consisting of people from all over the world. We are highly diverse, with many different passions, life stories, and goals, but have one thing in common: we stutter. Behind the non-fluent speech that you hear on the outside, there are also many ‘hidden’ feelings and experiences that most of us, people who stutter, share.

With Stamily we try to create a worldwide network for people who stutter and people who feel connected with us, where everybody can share their struggles, feelings, and achievements in Stamily’s safe space. This gives a feeling of recognition, comfort, and a positive attitude towards stuttering. You are not alone with your stutter. Stuttering creates a bond. Many friendships already started via Stamily-related exchange projects! 

We raise awareness and make our lives as people who stutter better, by radiating our positive message into society. We are open to collaboration with other (inter)national stuttering organizations that share this message. We also encourage everyone to form their own communities and networks. If needed we can offer coaching for creating local communities or networks. 

Our community is open and democratic but we don’t allow any offers for ‘miracle stuttering cures’. We know that from a certain age stuttering itself is not possible to entirely ‘cure’ (outside of all the speech techniques that could make your speech sound more fluent but are not stutter cures on itself). So, for us, it is about how to live with it, and how to keep our mindset straight, without letting your stutter having a negative impact on your life.

Stamily proves that we can create a judgeless community where stuttering is the norm, where everybody listens to what you say, instead of how you say it. Embracing and accepting your stutter is the path in life that most of us choose to follow. We want to support everyone on their personal journey.

Please look at our Contribute-page to see how you can participate.

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