Our philosophy

People who stutter share something that had an influence on their lives. It might have hurt us, it gave us possibly less self-esteem, the feeling of not fitting in or not being good enough. This is because we live in a society where fluency is the norm.

Stamily proves that we can create a community where stuttering is the norm, where everybody keeps listening and concentrates on what you say, instead of how you say it. Everybody is different and everybody chooses their own path in life. Embracing and accepting your stutter is the one that most of us are choosing. We want to support everyone on their personal journey. We are, therefore, an open and democratic platform, but we don’t allow any offers for ‘cures’, because we believe that stuttering itself is not possible to ‘cure’. Only your mindset can be improved.

Our platform creates, shares, and organizes anything stutter-related. It is also a place to provide information about different stutter-related activities and websites. Everybody is encouraged to share their experiences and life stories. As an international platform, we welcome people from all countries and all walks of life. This support will radiate into other stuttering communities and wider society. Awareness about stuttering, in general, will grow as well.

The beauty of Stamily is that everybody comes from different backgrounds and brings, besides their own (stutter) experiences, also their own talents and passions. This community-building is the main driving force behind Stamily. Therefore, we want people to speak up and share their content. Please look at our Contribute-page to see how you can participate.

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