Apart from exploring the personal narratives of people who stutter, Stamily also wants to promote any creative undertaking that explores stuttering and raises awareness. This is why, apart from content written and created by the community, we also create projects and involve our members in realizing them. If you want to participate in an existing project or propose a new one, contact us at

List of current projects.

Famous People Who Stutter

Everybody is able to sum up some celebrities who have or had a stutter. This can give you comfort with the idea that you are not the only one, but these people can also inspire you to not hold back. We from Stamily want to look at the stories about people who stutter, but who are not publicly known and made an impact on society.

Communication in isolation

“These are strange times” is an expression that has become a platitude. Every person, all around the world, is confronted by a set of unique issues created by COVID-19. While certainly stressful, it is also a way to reevaluate the way we look at things and to share our perspectives. 

Stuttering in Movies

In this project, we explore the relationship between how stuttering is depicted in movies and how it actually is in reality.

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