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It is with a lot of pain in our hearts that we have to share with you the loss of our dear friend Lynne Mackie. She passed away Sunday 5th December 2021. Lynne has made a huge impact on the stuttering community. We remember her passion, motivation, ideas and creativity, she has changed our lives.

Lynne Mackie inspired, supported, and enthused all those around her, all around the world. Her positive attitude towards her own stutter, her analytical dissection of people’s attitudes around stuttering, and her wit, made her a force of nature. Her love for theatre inspired young people who stutter to follow their artistic dreams. To honor Lynne, Stamily, British Stammering Association (STAMMA), and the Scottish Stammering Network, three organizations she took an active part in, have agreed to set up a fund in her memory to support young people who stutter in arts and theatre. Tributes can also be seen at STAMMA and the SSN.

Using this button, you can donate in her memory.

This page is in memory of Lynne, where you can also share your memories of Lynne below.

About Lynne

Lynne was born in Midlothian, Scotland on the 4th of July 1991.
She studied both in Scotland and in the USA, and found her dream job in London as a specialist librarian with clinical support. Besides her job, her goal was to raise awareness of stuttering. At the age of 15, she joined a youth drama project run by the British Stammering Association (BSA, now STAMMA) where she finally felt safe and surrounded by people who stutter. From that moment on she decided to be the face and voice of people who stutter. She started doing presentations and running workshops and attended national and international conferences. She set up her YouTube channel ‘StammerOn’ to raise awareness and challenge perceptions, and led sessions at local support groups. In 2011 she attended her first European Youth Meeting, which was the start of many more, eventually becoming one of the leaders herself, inspiring others to stutter with pride. She also became active within STAMMA, Scottish Stammering Network and Stamily. Her goal was for all stuttering organisations to work together, towards making stuttering accepted in society. She was also an advocate for LGBTQIA+ individuals.
In her spare time she loved acting/drama (Woodhouse and St Serfs players amongst others) and video games, traveling, games, comic novels.

She lost her battle against lymphoma on the 5th of December 2021. Our thoughts go to her mother Sara, father Alan, sister Siân, other family and friends. 
We lost a friend. We gained a legacy.

Lynne's education

She started her education at the Trinity Academy, Secondary qualifications up to Advanced Higher, and continued at the University College Cork with Intensive Summer School, learning Classical Greek Language.
At the University of Mississippi she finished a Third Year Study in English Literature and Classics, 2011-2012 and was active within the Cultural Connections Club, International Ladies Club, Ole Miss Anime Club, Ole Miss Gamers Association.
At The University of Edinburgh she took her Master of Arts (M.A.) with Honours studying English Literature and Classics. At the University of Strathclyde she got her Master’s DegreeMaster of Science (MSc) Information and Library StudiesDistinction in 2016. At the same time she was active within the Re-Act Theatre Group LGBT+ Boardgame Society and the Anime and Animation Society (AASoc)

Lynne's work

She worked as a specialist librarian at Barts Health NHS Trust with a clinical support role, a research executive, library advisor and sales assistant. Before that she worked as a Digital Civics Intern at the Open Lab at Newcastle University, Library Adviser at Piershill Library, at the checkouts at Asda, and as a Store Colleague at Waterstones. She also worked on a project involving the development of a mobile application for people who stammer.

Lynne's voluntary work

She has been on the Scottish Stammering Network committee, SSN, since 2015, where she has taken on various roles. In 2015, she helped to launch the Edinburgh support group and was one of the co-chairs until she had to relocate for work in 2017. She was also Vice-Chair of the SSN from 2015 to 2018. During her time with the SSN, she has helped to run Open Days, delivered workshops, and even led a Scottish delegation for a European youth camp for people who stutter which took place in Italy in 2018. Alongside her work with the SSN, she was also a Trustee for Stamma (the British Stammering Association). She helped to organise their last conference in Cardiff in 2018. She was also a Board Member of the world-wide stuttering support network Stamily, and ran her own YouTube page about stammering called StammerOn.

Beside that, she was also a library volunteer at the Scottish Community Drama Association (S.C.D.A.), peer mentor at the International Office, University of Mississippi, Peer Educator at the Volunteer Centre Edinburgh and volunteer speaker at the British Stammering Association (Scotland)

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