André’s experience

Safe spaces are gaining popularity in the world. The idea behind safe spaces is to gather a group of people with a common struggle (usually

Therese’s experience

Written by Therese For many years I have had and still have, a hard time accepting my function-variation (I prefer that word over disability/handicap) and

Personal truths

Written by Liam Yesterday I was having a conversation with my housemate about truths and people’s personal truths. The premise of this conversation developed from

Pedro’s experience

Written by Pedro Three years ago, I went to my first Erasmus+ exchange for people who stutter. I didn’t imagine at the time it would

Konsta’s experience

Written by Konsta I started stuttering around the age of 2. I’m now turning 21. The first time I heard about the Finnish Stuttering Association


Dear reader Welcome to the Stamily. Even if you do not stutter, we still welcome you 😉 My name is Vinnie. Born November 1994 in

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