Influential pws: Han Fei

Written by Jurjen We all know famous people who stutter or who have stuttered, but not many people know Chinese philosopher and statesman Han Fei (韓非), who stuttered as well. He lived around 280 – 233 BC. Han Fei played an important role in popularizing and representing Chinese Legalism, by writing his book The Master […]

The opportunity to represent

Here at Stamily, we love to share our stories and spread awareness concerning stammering/stuttering. Some of our members also had the opportunity to represent the PWS-community on larger stages. In this article, Natalie talks about how different opportunities arose and how she took them with both hands. Written by Natalie British Stammering Association The British […]

If there is one thing I can be proud of…

Written by Rik Here at this very platform, Natalie Mortimer recently wrote a blog in which she asks the question whether it’s okay to be defined by your stammer. She wrote about the impact we can have on people we work with and the legacy we leave behind. Just by the simple fact that she […]

Is it ever okay to be defined by my stammer?

Written by Natalie Odd I know. But I understand why other PWS wouldn’t want to be defined by their stammer and wouldn’t hope that when others thought or spoke about them that one of the first things they say is “do you know they stammer?”. I used to think like this too, but I have learned […]

Erasmus+ 2018, Italy

Written by Natalie Disclaimer: This article is long. Very long. But if you are a young PWS and interested in going to a youth exchange trip, this is definitely worth a read.  The 30th of June 2018, I get up on a beautiful English summer morning (This is rare), it’s a Saturday. I’ve already packed my bags, […]

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