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Don’t let them bring you down

Written by Luca Torelli One of my earliest memories related to education is clearly collocated in eighth grade when, while discussing which kind of college we would like to sign up to, my teacher said that no, I shouldn’t think about enrolling in a linguistic high school, but rather in an easier one, like the […]

If there is one thing I can be proud of…

Written by Rik Here at this very platform, Natalie Mortimer recently wrote a blog in which she asks the question whether it’s okay to be defined by your stammer. She wrote about the impact we can have on people we work with and the legacy we leave behind. Just by the simple fact that she […]

Hanna’s Experience

Written by Hanna When I was younger my stuttering made me silent. I only spoke when I felt I wouldn’t stutter. Despite switching out words and planning ahead what I was gonna say, I still got long blocks in my speech. The shame I felt in those moments was excruciating. The anxiety afterwards lasted for […]

From loneliness to Stamily

This was my first youth exchange. I’ve heard about this camp when I was in speech therapy and my therapist mentioned about it. I was curious and excited that I told my father about it, to which he said you don’t need those types of things, they aren’t necessary. My father isn’t a mean man, […]

Erasmus+ 2018, Italy

Written by Natalie Disclaimer: This article is long. Very long. But if you are a young PWS and interested in going to a youth exchange trip, this is definitely worth a read.  The 30th of June 2018, I get up on a beautiful English summer morning (This is rare), it’s a Saturday. I’ve already packed my bags, […]

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